Who are we?

We are a family of Yolombo village; we have more than 30 years producing panela. Ours grand’s parents knowing already the sweat of la panela.

Given the new standardization for trapiches paneleros in Colombia, we are rebuilding the trapiche of Gualanday and constructing facilities in agreement with the new norms. Our objective is to construct a trapiche panelero model of sustainable development where the well-being of the workers considers and the environment is respected.

We are modernizing the process to conserve the work that it generates, to increase the production and to generate more work. We are respectuses whit the traditional knowledge

We also want to develop an ecological project where besides producing panela we receiving tourism interested in the process of the production of panela in Colombia. Also we are interested in receiving voluntary interested in organic cultures, composting and production of natural foods in Colombia.

Surface of the Gualanday property: is 46 hectares. Seeding hectares, 70% of the cane cultures belong to harvesters.

VARIETIES: The most important variety is Coinvatore (Co) 421, and also Canal Point (CP) 57-603, POJ 28-78 ande some POJ 27-14.

In the Gualanday property we are trying to take advantage of to the maximum of sub-products of panela, first to feed the mules with the cachaza and to elaborate compost to fertilize the cultures of the cane.

With the dung of the mules, 19 altogether used for the transport of the cane, mixed with bagasse, leaves, ash of the furnace, lime, we elaborated our own compost.

We also prepare fertilizing using the sluggishness sub-product of panela that we mixed with milk, dung and we let ferment to fertilize the garden and the ornamental plants.

We also have a policy of cultivate cerrajeras plants like chachafruto, gold morera, button, San Juaquin to feed the animal.

We think that the best way to fight against the violence in Colombia is helping the small companies that generate work and trapiche Gualanday is a good example.

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